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Capital Guide Online March 2017

Thursday, March 2, 2017  
Posted by: Jackie Frend

In this issue...March, 2017

  • A Message from the President
  • See you at U.S. Institute of Peace on March 14?
  • Upcoming Education Events
  • Guild Badge:Wear it with Pride!
  • Roses for Volunteers
  • Board Report

A Message from the President

Finally! Thanks to Shirley Timashev, we are back in business with the Capital Guide Online. The intent of the newsletter is to be forward-looking, keeping Guild members informed about upcoming activities and website additions — something for everybody. Expect to see announcements of business meetings, training programs, CMG and education events. We want to make sure you know all of the opportunities the Guild is offering to increase your knowledge of the DC area and improve your guiding skills.

There are many ways the Guild is preparing for the spring tour season. Our Training Committee held the Motor Coach Guiding Workshop on February 12. A new volunteer, Susan Nestleroth, is working with Site Liaisons to finalize the 2017 Site Information Update. The update will be posted on the website and on GuildGuides in early March. Maribeth Oakes, of our Government and Tourism Committee, created a challenging Cherry Blossom quiz. Check it out under "Online Surveys." I’ll bet you won’t score 100! The Training Committee has posted several other quizzes that will help you prepare for the new tour season. If you just can’t figure out an answer, contact Heidi Watson.


Happy touring! See you on the streets real soon!

Jackie Frend



Meeting at the U.S. Institute of Peace

The next Guild business meeting will be on March 14, 2017 at the United States Institute of Peace, 2301 Constitution Ave., NW. Registration will begin at 9:30 am. Nearest Metro: Foggy Bottom. Building entrance: on 23rd St NW. No on-site parking available. To attend you must pre-register by March 7.


Mary Beth Lane
2nd Vice President


Traverse the Peace Trail on the National Mall

At this meeting there will be a soft launch of the Peace Trail, developed by USIP in collaboration with the National Park Service and the Guild. The Peace Trail highlights over a dozen sites located at the northwest corner of the National Mall. The narrative focuses on the themes of partnerships, reconciliation, and democracy. It reflects upon leaders, institutions, and moments exemplifying America’s belief in and pursuit of peace.

Unable to attend the meeting? A printable version of the Peace Trail brochure will be available on the USIP website and the Guild’s website will include a link to the USIP page.


Maribeth Oakes
Government & Tourism

Upcoming Education Events

March 8, Wednesday 11AM, Belmont-Paul Historic Site
Home to the National Woman's Party for nearly 90 years, this was the epicenter of the struggle for women's rights. From this house in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol and Supreme Court, Alice Paul and the NWP developed innovative strategies and tactics to advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment and equality for women. President Obama designated the national monument on April 12, 2016. A guided tour will be provided by the NPS. Register here.

March 17, Friday 11AM, The Lorton Workhouse Arts Center
We will tour the Workhouse Arts Center and learn about its beginning in 1910 ushering in a new era of incarceration to 1917 when women representing the NWP were incarcerated, to its repurposed buildings and grounds today. Register here.

March 27, 2017 Monday 11:15AM, The Textile Museum
The museum's mission is to expand public knowledge and appreciation – locally, nationally and internationally – of the artistic merits and cultural importance of the world’s textiles. We will have a guided tour of the highlights of the museum and the Albert H. Small Washingtonia Collection. Register here.


Amy Mierley
Education Chair



Suggestion from Russ Norfleet, Guild Guide Representative:


"Take a look at and participate in as many of the events on the Guild calendar as you can. Participation in Guild events and volunteer activities increases your tour guiding knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities. This translates into more jobs, money -- and friends."


To see the number of participation points you have earned to advance to Guild Certified Guide, go to My Profile/Manage Profile/Professional Development/ Certification Programs and Journal Entries on the website. If events in which you have participated are not recorded, provide the information to Tammy Belden, the Guild Administrator.

Out-of-town guides, we are working on ways to offer you more opportunities to participate in Guild events. Look for an announcement after the March board meeting.


Russ Norfleet
Guild Guide Representative


The Guild Badge: 
Wear it with Pride!

As we enter the busy tour season, I ask that you honor the professionalism and camaraderie that we are accustomed to as Guild members. Wear your Guild badge whenever appropriate.  This badge identifies you as a Guild member and serves as a welcoming opportunity for members to meet each other. And, new members should know that if you find yourself at a site where you have already given your commentary and your group is exploring the site, look around – search for Guild members and introduce yourself. You’d be surprised who you might meet. And, if there ever comes a time when your mind goes blank and you can’t remember a fact or date or event, look for a Guild Guide – we’ll help you immediately. We are all in this 2017 tour season together, and we will support one another at a moment’s notice.
Jackie Frend



Roses for Our Recent Volunteers

The Board’s call for volunteers at the January 9 Annual Meeting did not go unnoticed. Over 20 Guild members stepped up immediately and volunteered. As a result, the Board almost has enough support to handle all our current activities. We would like to publicly thank all the members who so quickly volunteered to support the Guild:

Kaitlin Calogera,  Linda Dickinson, Kathy Draper, Catharina Ford, Deb Greenbush, Martha Harmon, Jamie Johnson, Scott Kahn, Steve Kline, Mary Beth Lane, David Lloyd, Marilyn Mapp, Nonna Marincioni, Zee Mostofi, Susan Murany,  Susan Nestleroth, Richard Nicholson, Tim Scanlon, Tony Spadafora, Mary Thorne, Shirley Timashev, Jodi Volk, Debra Wiley


Board Report


Good News! Our Web Strategies team has posted the 2017 Guild Membership Directory.
You can find it on the Guild's website at:
Drop-down menu "For Members"
Click "Membership Directory"
Click "Printed Version”
Or click here.


We have had a terrific start to the new year. A record 137 members attended the Guild’s Annual Meeting and Education Seminar at the Hilton Washington, DC/Rockville Hotel and Executive Conference Center. Since the first of the year, we have recorded over 300 registrations in 15 different events sponsored by our CMG, Education, and Training Committees. As you can see, Shannon Mikush, Jim Carr, Amy Mierley, Tracy Hale and Heidi Watson have been very busy. And, on top of the successful education and training events so far this year, we all survived the Inauguration! We were so fortunate that the temperature was above average, unlike the frigid cold in 2013.

Our renewal period recently ended with a robust membership. Membership Co-chairs Corky Rainey and Bill Harris, along with Treasurer Bill Adams and Guild Administrator Tammy Belden, did a terrific job keeping track of all our renewals. And our Web Strategies Co-chairs, David Turin and Karen Miller, made the online renewal process smooth and easy to follow. The Guild entered 2017 with close to 500 Guides, Affiliates, and Friends. In case you are wondering, our Guides who are actively working consist of the following: 45 Certified Master Guides; 42 Certified Master Guide Candidates; 73 Guild Certified Guides; and 223 Guild Guides. The Guild also includes 14 Emeritus and 15 Sustaining members who are no longer guiding.

The Board welcomes your participation in the Guild, and we encourage you to reach out to our officers and committee chairs to talk about how you can help. If you're not sure what is the best spot for you, please get in touch with me.
Jackie Frend


Board Member Committee Contact Information:
Jackie Frend (President)
Sandra Moore (1stVice President)
Mary Beth Lane (2ndVice President)
Bill Adams (Treasurer)
Bette Runck (Secretary)
Maria Covell (Affiliate Rep )
Russ Norfleet (Guild Guide Rep)
John Days (Administration & Ethics)
Tracy Hale (Training)
Heidi Watson (Training)
Aaron Killian (Communications)
Corky Rainey (Membership)
Bill Harris (Membership)
Shannon Mikush (Certified Master Guide)
Jim Carr (Certified Master Guide)
Ellen Malasky (Gov’t & Tourism)
Maribeth Oakes (Gov’t & Tourism)
Amy Mierley (Education)
David Turin (Web Strategies)
Karen Miller (Web Strategies)
Joe Steinbock (Past President)
Tammy Belden (Guild Administrator)


Capital Guide Magazine Submissions

If anyone has ideas for a great article or feature for the first Capital Guide "Magazine" this season, let us know. Ideal submissions will be 1000+ words of timeless information (so not "updates") - such as how to guides (such as use social media for updates), in-depth knowledge articles about area attractions, guide skills, etc.

If you have an idea or questions, start the conversation now by contacting Communications Chair Aaron Killian.

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