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Annual Meeting Summary January 9, 2018

Wednesday, January 31, 2018  
Posted by: Jackie Frend


                                    BOARD OF DIRECTORS 2016 - 2017

Summary of Annual Meeting – January 9, 2018 – Naval Heritage Center

Thank you for the huge turnout for our Annual Meeting, Awards Ceremony, and Education Seminar. Registrations topped 145!  For those of you who were unable to attend, I have briefly summarized some of the meeting.  We have issued a Press Release about the award winners and the President’s Message in the upcoming February Capital Guide Online will provide a summary of our 2016-2017 Board members’ accomplishments. The Board of Directors End-of-Term Report (2016-2017) will be available online around January 31, 2018.

The Guild – Current Status and Future Challenges

Our current status is listed at the end of this summary – 513 members; 49 foreign language guides; 61 new members joined in 2016-2017; 11 converted their membership to Sustaining status and of those, 6 were recognized with Emeritus status; record number of HG4DC requests – 1,074; over 70 education, training, certification events were offered in which 2,300+ registrations were recorded on our website.

While we all survived our most recent challenge – the DC Picture-on-License Challenge – we do have a few areas we need to watch in the future including:

1.     YM (our website) -- The website will be upgraded over the next couple of months; we will have a new look, which will be easier to navigate and less cumbersome for the Board to work with. We have hired a Web Consultant to enhance our ability to make the most of the website.

2.     Volunteers -- We are always looking for volunteers – there are about 25 Board members serving 500+ members. Please give back to the Guild when we ask for help. The Communications Committee is in need of another Co-Chair. Contact Russ Norfleet if you are able to volunteer for this Board position.

3.     Yahoo – GuildGuides and DCGuides – we are seeing phishing, spam and emails containing viruses. Once we have the upgraded website operational, we will use the website to send emails. You are already using the website for emails – the Capital Guide Online you receive monthly is sent through our website server.  Using the website for email will allow you to opt-out of email topics that you are not interested in receiving.

4.     Site Liaisons and Annual Site Update List -- We eliminated the Site Liaison program. It was not being used as intended. At the Annual Meeting, we distributed Destination DC’s Visitor Guide which will replace our Annual Site Update List. Most sites are listed in the Visitor Guide along with address, hours of operation, etc. If you did not receive a copy, you can request one free of charge from Destination DC at: 

All members are now Site Liaisons – if you are guiding and see something we should all be aware of, send an email to GuildGuides.

5.     Registration: Please register online for all the events you plan to attend - Business Meetings, Education, Training, CMG, Updates, Book Club, Guildside Chat, etc.  We need to know we have enough space for everyone at the venue. There was an instance in 2017 where members were sitting on window sills and on the floor at a Business Meeting because a lot of members never registered to attend the event and we had no way of predicting that so many members planned to attend.

6.     Hire Guides 4 DC is a success!  But with that success comes the realization that many tour operators are taking advantage of us by not joining as Guild Affiliate members. Once the redesigned website is operational, we will have the capability of charging non-Affiliate tour operators for our services. We hope that will encourage more tour operators to join the Guild.

7.     Guild Membership: Although we call ourselves a professional organization, and we offer a multitude of education, training, and certification programs and events, currently only 42% of our active tour guides have advanced to Guild Certified Guide and Certified Master Guide.  Over the next two years, those of you who are certified should assist and encourage your fellow Guild Guides to advance to the next level.  To our long-standing Guild Guides – you owe it to yourself to certify and you owe it to this organization for all the education and training we have provided to you. We want you to advance and we want you to succeed. Your success is our success.

8.     Treasurer: We are still in need of another Officer – the Treasurer position currently has an Acting Treasurer along with an Assistant Treasurer filling that role.  Our current Acting Treasurer, Bill Adams, has already served the maximum time in that elected position. If you have bookkeeping or accounting skills, please contact Bill Adams. The term is two years -- January 2018 – January 2020.

Membership: 513 (largest tour guide organization in the United States)

221 Guild Guides                                            18 Sustaining

  69 Guild Certified Guides                             17 Emeritus

  45 Certified Master Guide Candidates          49 Affiliates

  46 Certified Master Guides                           48 Friends

Certified Foreign Language Guides:  49 Guides in 15 languages

            Chinese                       German                       Russian

Czech                          Hebrew                       Sign Language

Danish                         Italian                          Spanish

Dutch                          Pilipino (Tagalog)       Swedish

French                         Portuguese                  Turkish


New Members and Change in Membership Type:  64 joined; 6 Emeritus; 5 Sustaining

Hire Guides 4 DC Requests:  1,074 (20% increase over 2014-2015)

Total Events:  Over 70 Programs involving 2,300+ Guild member registrations

Business Meetings                                          Guildside Chats                                  

Education                                                        WNC Training & Certification

Training                                                           Guild Certifications (GCG & CMG)

CMG                                                               Updates: ANC; USHMM; Mount Vernon; Ford’s

Book Club                                                       Job Fair




                        BOARD OF DIRECTORS FOR THE 2016-2017 TERM

Elected Officers:

      President:                          Jackie Frend      

1st Vice President:             Sandra Moore   

2nd Vice President:            Mary Beth Lane

Treasurer:                          Bill Adams        

Secretary:                          Bette Runck       

      Guild Guide Rep:              Russ Norfleet    

Affiliate Rep.                     Maria Covell     


Standing Committees:

Admin & Ethics:               John Days         

Communications               Aaron Killian    

Training:                            Tracy Hale         

                                          Heidi Watson    

Membership:                     Bill Harris         

     Corky Rainey    

Education:                         Amy Mierley     

Gov. & Tourism:               Ellen Malasky   

     Maribeth Oakes 

Cert. Master Guide:           Jim Carr            

Shannon Mikush

      Web Strategies:                 Karen Miller      


Past President:                       Joe Steinbock    

Administrator:                      Tammy Belden  


Off-Board:     Zee Mostofi (Hospitality/Registration); Else Patterson (Foreign Language Testing);  Ruth Roberts (Community Outreach); Shirley Timashev (Capital Guide Online); JP Nguyen (Friends Committee/Facebook); Alan Weinstein (Historian); Kaitlin Calogera (Twitter); Clara Sachs (Yahoo Moderator)

Ad Hoc Committees:

 Nominating Committee: Steve Kline (Chair); Sandra Sheskin; Shannon Mikush; Rob Stanchik; Jamie Johnson; Kathy Draper

Advisory Committee on Awards: Brenda Turner (Chair); Linda Dickinson; Chris Bauer; Jamie Johnson; Eric McElroy; Carolyn Crouch;

P&P Update:  John Days/Bill Adams (Co-Chairs); Bette Runck (Editor); Russ Norfleet; Corky Rainey; Tammy Belden; Rob Stanchik; Jamie Johnson