Public Hire a Guide

Tourists and families, create a customized tour for your group!

You choose the attractions, or let one of our Certified Guides recommend the perfect tour that meets your interests. We'll custom-tailor your excursion so that you have a great experience.  

Guild guides are skilled professionals who serve tour companies, student, affinity, and corporate groups, as well as individuals, families, and seniors.

If your group consists of 15 or less, complete the form below to have your tour guide needs communicated to member guides.  If your group consists of more than 15, you will need to complete the "Tour Operators Hire a Tour Guide" form found on our home page.

After submitting the completed form, you will receive e-mail responses from available and qualified guides. Guides will provide you with information about the requested tour, their qualifications, and fee. You are likely to receive a number of responses over a 3-day period. Choose the guide who meets your requirements and contact that guide. When mutual agreement is reached, document the terms with the guide. The Guild assumes no liability in connection with tours and/or transportation.

Note that guides are independent contractors and fees vary, usually with a 4-hour minimum.  Hourly rates for guides are approximately $40 - $60 per hour, although bilingual, specialty, and Certified Master Guides may charge more.

Guild members' knowledge and experience range from:

  • Guild Guides: Guides who are licensed and Guild qualified;
  • Guild Certified Guides: Guides who are licensed and have taken and passed additional Guild education, training, and testing;
  • Guild Certified Master Guides: Guides who are licensed and have completed the Guild's required education, training, and testing for certification as "Master."

Groups Larger Than 15

Groups larger than 15 and ALL Tour Operators must complete the Hire a Guide form and there is a $30 service fee if you are not a member of the Guild.

Hire a Guide

Groups of 15 or Less

Hover over underlined titles below for instructions.