Photo Credits

Photo Credits

Photos in the photo rotator on the home page are courtesy of:

  • Cathy Beckett
  • Claudia Calissie
  • Lisa Deason
  • Steve Kline
  • Sonny Odom
  • Sheila Rabaut
  • Clift Seferlis
  • Mike Showalter
  • Joyce Tami
  • Alan Weinstein

Photos elsewhere on the web site are courtesy the above photographers and also:

  • Jim Ivey, Central Photo
  • Shirley Timashev

Photo editors:  Sonny Odom, Karen Miller and Shirley Timashev

Event, Newsletter, Blog and all other photos posted on the website are posted by their owners.  They are owned solely by the poster who should be contacted directly for permission for their further use.