Member Categories

The Guild promotes Washington, DC area tourism and the tour guide profession, maintains and advances professional standards, keeps members informed about relevant issues, and works with local governments and organizations to create a visitor-friendly environment. Our purpose is to help members deliver wonderful experiences to their clients.

The Guild has over 550 member.  Categories of membership are: 


  • Licensed Tour Guides Guild Guides, Guild Certified Guides, and Guild Certified Master Guides make up the majority of our membership. We also have Sustaining members who wish to remain Guild members but are no longer guiding. Sustaining members pay reduced membership dues and may continue to attend business meetings and educational events. To check out tour guide member benefits, click: join_the_guild_brochure_-_to.pdf

  • Affiliate Members organize tours, bring groups to Washington, DC, and hire guides. To check out Affiliate benefits, click: join_the_guild_affiliate_bro.pdf

  • Friends offer services to the tourism industry and promote and enhance Washington, DC as a tour destination.