Board of Directors

The Guild is governed by a Board of Directors made up of elected officers and appointed committee chair positions who serve two-year terms.

Jackie Frend


Corky Rainey

1st VP

Maria Limarzi

2nd VP

Mary Thorne


W. Bart Smith


John Days

Guild Guide Representative

Anna Geer

Affiliate Representative


Staff in Alphabetical Order

Pat Abler, BOD/Co-Chair, Education Committee

Chris Bauer, BOD/Co-Chair, Education Committee

Tammy Belden, Guild Administrator

Kaitlin Calogera, Twitter Moderator

Jim Carr, BOD/Co-Chair, Certified Master Guide Committee

Kelvin Carter, BOD/Co-Chair, Communications Committee

John Days, BOD/Elected Officer: Guild Guide Representative

Christen Eliason, BOD/Co-Chair, Training Committee

Jackie Frend, BOD/Elected Officer: President

Jackie Frend, BOD/Past President

Maria Limarzi, BOD/Elected Officer: 2nd VP

Maria Limarzi, Purchasing (Badges)

Barbara Longnecker, BOD/Co-Chair, Membership Committee

Ellen Malasky, BOD/Co-Chair, Government and Tourism Committee

Shannon Mikush, BOD/Co-Chair, Certified Master Guide Committee

Anna Geer, BOD/Elected Officer: Affiliate Representative

Laurence Genon, Hospitality/Registration

Jeff Ghannam, Twitter Moderator

Bill Harris, Mentor/Mentee Program Coordinator

Mary Beth Lane, Washington National Cathedral Training

Brien McNamara, Mentor/Mentee Program Coordinator

Sandra Moore, BOD/Co-Chair, Training Committee

Zee Mostofi, Foreign Language Certification

JP Nguyen, Facebook Moderator

Russ Norfleet, BOD/Chair, Administration & Professional Conduct

Maribeth Oakes, BOD/Co-Chair, Government and Tourism Committee

Corky Rainey, BOD/Elected Officer: 1st VP

Bart Smith, BOD/Officer: Treasurer

Tony Spadafora, Writer (Business Meeting Summaries)

Ruth Roberts, Community Outreach

Bette Runck, Test Administrator

Claudia Henderso Smith, Capital Guide Online Newsletter Publisher

Mary Thorne, BOD/Elected Officer: Secretary

Shirley Timashev, Capital Guide Online Newsletter Editor

Heidi Watson, Test Administrator

Debra Wiley, BOD/Co-Chair, Membership Committee