Guild Staff

Board of Directors

The Guild is governed by a Board of Directors made up of elected officers and appointed committee chair positions who serve two-year terms.

Jackie Frend


Corky Rainey

1st VP

Maria Limarzi

2nd VP

Mary Thorne


W. Bart Smith


John Days

Guild Guide Representative

Erika King

Affiliate Representative


Non-Elected BOD Staff Functions

Alphabetical By Committee Name   Alphabetical by Member Name
Board Committees   Pat Abler Co-Chair, Education Committee
Admin & Professional Conduct Russ Norfleet   Chris Bauer Co-Chair, Education Committee
Certified Master Guide Jim Carr
Shannon Mikush
  Tammy Belden Guild Administrator & Asst. Treasurer
Communications Kelvin Carter   Jim Carr Co-Chair, Certified Master Guide
Diversity & Inclusion Rohulamin Quander
Tony Spadafora
  Kelvin Carter Chair, Communications
Education Pat Abler
Chris Bauer
  John Days Co-Chair, Book Group
Government & Tourism Ellen Malasky
Chris Maribeth Oakes
  Christen Eliason Co-Chair, Training
Membership Barbara Longnecker
Debra Wiley
  Jackie Frend Past President
Training Christen Eliason
Sandra Moore
  Laurence Genon Hospitality/Registration
Off Board Member Functions (*Indicates members assisting the Communications Committee)   Jeff Ghannam Twitter Moderator
Book Group John Days
David Shaw
  Bill Harris Co-Coordinator, Mentor/Mentee Program
Cathedral Training Coordinator Mary Beth Lane   Mary Beth Lane Washington National Cathedral Training
Capital Guide Online Publisher* Shirley Timashev   Maria Limarzi Purchasing (Badges)
Capital Guide Online Editor* Claudia Henderson Smith   Barbara Longnecker Co-Chair, Membership
Community Outreach* Ruth Roberts   Ellen Malasky Co-Chair, Government & Tourism
Facebook Moderator* JP Nguyen   Brien McNamara Co-Coordinator, Mentor/Mentee Program
Twitter Moderator* Jeff Ghannam   Shannon Mikush Co-Chair, Certified Master Guide
Writer* (Meeting/Event Summaries) Tony Spadafora   Sandra Moore Co-Chair, Training Committee
Foreign Language Testing Zee Mostofi   Zee Mostafi Foreign Language Testing
Guild Assessment Administrators Heidi Watson   JP Nguyen Facebook Moderator
Hospitality/Check-In Desk Laurence Genon   Russ Norfleet Administration & Professional Conduct
Mentor/Mentee Program Bill Harris
Brien McNamara
  Maribeth Oakes Co-Chair, Government and Tourism Committee
Purchasing (Badges) Maria Limarzi   Rohulamin Quander Co-Chair, Diversity & Inclusion
      Ruth Roberts Community Outreach
      David Shaw Co-Chair, Book Group
      Claudia Henderson Smith Capital Guide Online Editor
      Tony Spadafora Co-Chair, Diversity & Inclusion
Writer (Meeting/Event Summaries)
      Shirley Timashev Capital Guide Online Publisher
      Heidi Watson Guild Assessment Administrator
      Debra Wiley Co-Chair, Membership