Welcome to the Guild’s website…
Since 1985, The Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington DC (aka The Guild) has been promoting tourism to the nation’s capital. The Guild is a professional organization that maintains high standards for membership and with our partnerships and participation in several government and non-government organization’s, The Guild is well-respected and has been regarded as a source of excellence within the tourism industry for over 30 years.

The Guild is comprised of over 550 members who are guides and provide a variety of different tours in 15 different languages, affiliates that are tour operators and destination management companies, who wish to stay informed of the latest trends in tourism and friends that are organizations who offer services to the touring public and community.  

The Guild offers many signature educational and training opportunities that allow our membership to develop professionally. In order to become a member of the Guild, one has to pass an assessment, provide letters of recommendation and sign a code of ethics and conduct. The Guild prides itself on ensuring that our membership is armed with the professional skills necessary to provide a quality, enjoyable and memorable experience to visitors from all over the world.

Our philosophy is that members of The Guild are acting as ambassadors of Washington D.C. A well-trained and professional guide will interact with your group and help visitors to gain an understanding of our complex system of government, interpret the meanings of our many monuments and memorials and provide a lasting impression on why it is so important to visit Washington D.C.

Whether you are just stopping by to see what The Guild is all about, planning a trip, looking to hire a tour guide or deciding on whether to become a member of The Guild, we welcome you to browse through our website and take advantage of this phenomenal resource! 

Board of Directors
Guild of Professional Tour Guides of Washington, DC